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The nation of Israel had been waiting and praying for the Kingdom of God to come for hundreds of years when Jesus finally began to proclaim that the Kingdom of God was at hand.  This declaration, combined with His powerful teaching and healing powers stirred up a following of thousands eagerly awaiting for Jesus to ascend a throne and usher in his earthly kingdom.  But Jesus didn't come for an earthly kingdom, and He wasn't headed toward a throne, but rather a cross.  In the midst of His ministry, to the thousands who followed Him, Jesus began to teach in parables about the kingdom that He had come to usher in.  To some, the parables we clouded words which lacked deep significance, but to others whose hearts and hopes were set upon Jesus, the parables taught life, and gave insight into the type of King and Kingdom that lay before them.  Join us as we spend the next several weeks leaning in to the words of our savior asking that He might teach us, through his parables, to love Him better and delight in the Kingdom that He is building.