The Greater Fear WS.png

After Jesus stood before the multitudes and taught them about the coming Kingdom of God he got into a boat with his disciples and set sail across the Sea of Galilee.  The disciples had found confidence in the wisdom their teacher had given to them and perhaps in their new insight and conviction they thought themselves prepared to usher in the Kingdom they had waited for.  But Jesus had different plans for them, and He has different plans for us.   Jesus, as recorded in Mark chapter 5, leads the disciples head long into several storms, both literal and figurative, where they would come face to face with their own smallness.  They would soon find that what they needed was not a teacher and wisdom, but rather a mighty savior, God in human flesh, to step in and save them from the the world, Satan, their own sin, and even death itself.  Join us over the next several weeks as we lean into the brokenness in our own lives and the world around us and see that there is one who is Greater.