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As Easter draws near it is natural and right to reflect on the words our Lord spoke while he was on Earth.  Every word our Savior uttered is to be cherished and labored over.  Each of his words are not just wise words from a teacher, but the words of our God and creator. But one thing we know of all men, is that as our lives draw to an end, as our breaths become few, we begin to prioritize the things we feel we must say.  As the end of Jesus's time on the earth was drawing near, as he stepped into our sin and brokenness, and as he prepared to meet death head-on, our savior spoke from the cross.  These words, more than simply cries of agony or final goodbyes, were words that brought light out of darkness and dead men to life. Join us for the rest of March and into April as we listen, weep, and rejoice over the last words of a dying man.

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