Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Sing to the Lord, all the earth!
    Tell of his salvation from day to day. (1 Chronicles 16:23)

This fall we have the great privilege of planting Mercy's Door Community Church and as we begin, we would love to let you know a little bit about us.

Mercy’s Door is a church plant, grounded firmly in the work that’s already been done by Jesus.  Our desire is that this community would be transformed; as broken, lost, confused, hurting, needy, and difficult people (I just described me) come face to face with the call of Jesus to come and rest in His saving grace. We long to see people, relationships, families, and entire communities redeemed and reconciled to their creator. 

At Mercy’s Door our emphasis is never on doing.  So much of our society, focuses in on what we must do in order to find peace, or acceptance, or love.  But Christianity takes a radically different track.  Christianity is built upon news of what has already been done.  Christianity says that indeed we are accepted, we have been granted peace, that we are loved beyond our wildest imaginations because of the work of another.  And so, if the church is built upon the foundation of Jesus, and his gracious sacrifice, then why would we spend our time focused in on what we must do now, rather than soaking in the amazing grace given to us and allowing it to transform us from the inside out?   

Jesus is our great and gracious King and in him we find unending joy.  This belief in the life changing truth of the gospel shapes everything about us as a church:

Gospel Centered Worship

We gather together as the body of Christ to worship God, hear from His Holy Scriptures, and remind each other of the sacrifice and salvation of Christ through Communion.  When Mercy's Door gathers together to worship God, we come together with expectation that God will meet us there; songs are sung to point us back to the truth of who God is and what He has done, preaching comes from His word and seeks to reveal the depths of His glory and grace, and communion is taken together as a family covered by the righteousness of Christ.

Gospel Centered Community

We live life together in authentic community to encourage each other, pray for each other, and remind each other of the finished work of Christ. Because Christ saved us while we were yet sinners and promises to complete in us the work he has begun, we seek to live life openly and honestly; sharing our doubts, fears, sins, addictions, and struggles, and trusting that we will point each other back to the gospel.  Living life in this type of gospel centered community deepens our relationships with Christ and each other, and encourages us to pursue joy in our lives by following Christ's example. 

Gospel Centered Mission

We live life for and love our communities because God first loved us and gave Himself up for us.  Therefor, we live life on mission so that we might be a blessing to those around us and see redemption in the lives of others through the gospel message.  Our lives are busy and often consumed with activities and pursuits we hope will bring us value, identity, approval, comfort, and joy.  But in Christ we find all these abundantly and much more, which allows us to live life intentionally and sacrificially, that those around us might feel Christ's love through us and hear the good news of His sacrifice by us.

We are incredibly excited to begin the hard work of church planting, and we would love to invite you to join us.  Would you pray about joining us as we seek to worship our king and love this community well?  Would you pray about possibly taking a step out of comfort and into a place where we depend upon Jesus each and every day to provide and lead?  We would love to talk to you more about what Jesus has already begun to do in and through Mercy’s Door.

In Christ Alone,

Pastor Michael